The UG Series offers some fantastic prizing through our sponsored partners.  With over $20,000 worth of prizing awarded at each event.

Each division will have a chance to podium, prizes are given out to the top three finishers in each division.


We realize that there are many competitions to choose from, and appreciate the support of Crossfit box owners in organizing their teams, and encouraging their athletes to support our event. Due to this, we award a Top Box prize every year.

This prize is awarded not only for the number of registered athletes, but also volunteer and spectator support.  In 2015 we awarded each Top Box with a Klokov bumper and barbell set from Again Faster, and a lifting platform from our UG Team.
In 2017 the top 20 affiliates were invited to attend an affiliate day held at CrossFit Indestri on Friday, July 7th in which we brought in speakers to help enhance their business, Chris Cooper from Two Brain Business, Chandler & Dave from MabLab and Pat Barber from Warm up & Workout.

Top Box