Below is the information for Workouts 7 & 8 and the BBQ!!!

Workout 7
For cumulative load:
Max Thruster (no rack)
8 minute cap

Teams will be provided with one male bar, one female bar and a full set of weights. The score will be the cumulative total of all six athletes lifts. There will be one judge allocated per team, so only one athlete can make an attempt at a time. The other athletes can assist each other in arranging weights on the bar at any time.

Thruster Standards:
The bar starts on the floor. Athletes must lift the bar to their shoulders unassisted (read: on your own). The rep begins with the athlete standing fully extended with the bar in the front rack position, the athlete must then pass through a full squat with the crease of the hip passing below the top of the patella and press the bar out over head in one smooth motion. Re-dipping below the bar will constitute a NO REP. Athletes must show control of the bar at the top for the rep to count.
Workout 8
As many reps as possible in 10 minutes of:
Sandbag Sprint
10 Sandbag Squats …. 20… 30… 40…
Sandbag Sprint

Teams will have two sandbags, one heavy and one less-heavy. Teams will split off into pairs, pairs do not have to be determined by gender. Two athletes will complete each round at a time. On the call of 3, 2, 1 go the first pair will pick up their sandbags and sprint to the designated area to perform the squats. Athletes will take turns performing the required amount of squats before sprinting back and tagging the next pair in. The first pair will complete 10 squats each with the sandbag and sprint back to the start. Once they tag the next pair in they will pick up the sandbags, sprint to the designated area perform 20 squats each with the sandbag. Pairs must remain in the same order for the entire workout.  NOTE: SQUATS ARE THE ONLY REPS THAT ARE COUNTED IN THIS WORKOUT.


We’ve been workin’ hard to make this event the best event you’ve ever been at! We’re proud to announce that all athletes competing in this years UG | Element CrossFit Team Challenge are getting a bad ass BBQ that begins at 3pm. Watch our Facebook Page for more information tomorrow, and bring your coolers filled with your favourite beverages but make sure you choose beverages that pair well with MEAT (and vegetable stuff too)!